01 juillet 2007


Dailymotion blogged videoJakVidéo envoyée par lionfamilywalabok, special enregistrement de la lion family sur ouakam city avec sista alima et ici avec Jak Diatta, l'album arrivera bientôt! special recording of the lion family in Ouakam city with sista alima and on this clip with Jak Diatta, the sound is coming soon!
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26 mai 2007


Dailymotion blogged videoTravellingVidéo envoyée par lionfamilyclip de sadoo "travelling" de l'abum samaway video clip of sadoo "travelling" album samawoy
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23 mai 2007

last gig in dublin 30th of May

Sadoo will play one more time in the Czech In (tempe bar) on the 30th of May, come for a roots reggae music night. After that Sadoo will be back in Senegal for recording and for the birthday of Siaba. In July, lamine Kouyate and Sadoo will be in ireland for a summer camp tour "Silaba school" and for gigs in Dublin. Coming soon a new video clip of sadoo and the lion family, after "samaway" ("samawoy") http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIFmebzit80 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1T49j9Prs0&mode=related&search= ... [Lire la suite]
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10 mai 2007

One Love Party Dublin_May_2007

Very nice night "one love party Dublin" organised by our dear friend Lamine Diene, good food, good people, good music, good vibrations..... Merci à Lamine Diene pour sa soirée "One Love Party Dublin_May_2007", bonne soirée, bons plats, bonne musique, les gens étaient cool, bonnes vibrations
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02 mai 2007

gig at the Czech Bar

Nice people at the Czech Bar, nice to see you again
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26 avril 2007

gig at the Czech bar

Sadoo plays a gig at the Czech bar (temple bar, Dublin) on the Monday 30th of April, 9.30 pm, see you there! Sadoo joue au Czech BAr (temple Bar, Dublin), le lundi 30 Avril à 9h30, pas besoin de reserver, venez....
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24 avril 2007

Sadoo news for Alpe d'Huez good people...

Hello dear people of Alpe d'huez, I wish you had a good end of season and that everything is good with you, family good, friends good, love good, holidays (or work) good...I'm now in Dublin Ireland for few weeks, I'm going to bosk and play around in pubs soon. I wish it's going to be fun as in Alpe d'huez (special thanks and big up to first choice and sphere bar people). I wish I will see you next season, SADOO
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19 avril 2007


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19 avril 2007

back in Dublin/de retour a Dublin

sadoo2007_flyer_dublin Back in Dublin looking for gigs Recherche de gigs sur Dublin
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15 avril 2007

end of winter season/fin de la saison d'hiver

Fresh air, music, children and montains....de l'air frais, de la musique, des enfants et des montagnes...
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